The CROWTHER/PLANT studio is happily located next to the sea on the lively southern shores of Margate England.

As designers we take great inspiration from the coastal environment around us, from its unique chalk reefs and calm waters to its burning sunset skies.

Our collections reflect this spirited natural feel with an active, structured silhouette.




We hand dye our indigo range in the great outdoors with natural indigo, a special process that gives an incredible depth of colour and unique hand finish. Indigo is a natural product and like us will change over time.




It’s important for us to work responsibly with our materials in a way that is best for people and the planet.

We only use fine organic cotton, the environmental benefits alone are immeasurable compared to standard cotton. Our yarns are responsibly sourced from India and knitted for us in the UK.

We often pair our organic cotton with reworked industrial fabrics, bringing to life fabrics that perhaps would not otherwise fulfil their potential.




The feel and spirit of what we do is very important to us. We plunge our organic cotton garments into the Margate sea waters, giving them a unique handle and embedding the energy of the British sea in each one of them.




We work closely with our factories to make sure our expert fabric knitters and manufacturing partners use the very best of British craftsmanship. This also helps us in an important way to minimise our footprint and encourage UK manufacturing.

We are proud to be Made in England.